Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Boycott NRA, Never Again, Ban Assault Weapons

     My husband and I are 73 years young. We are enthusiastic gun owners, sporting clay shooters and hunters of deer, small game, pheasants, ducks and geese. Between sporting clays and hunting, we shoot for 8 months of the year. We own more than a dozen guns including rifles, shotguns and handguns. We only shoot what we like to eat and we eat everything we shoot (except the clay birds - too damn tough)! Three freezers are essential - and we share our bounty with kids and grandkids.
     While we have never been NRA members, we recognize that the organization does some good stuff - fire arm safety for kids, shooting ranges, etc. However, the recent high school mass shooting on February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida, was the last straw! Too many "thoughts and prayers," too many times and the NRA blocks all action on gun control! So I tweeted #BoycottNRA and in two days it went viral!
     No true sportsman or woman needs an AR 15, a bump stock or any other assault weapon or gun that uses high capacity magazines. They are weapons of war and have only one purpose - to kill and maim as many people as fast as possible! We need to get these weapons off our streets, out of our churches, theaters, night clubs, schools, concerts, shopping malls, etc. Folks who want to shoot these weapons should go to licensed shooting ranges or join the army!
     We support the boycott on the NRA until the organization is willing to compromise on limiting private access to assault weapons. The NRA has consistently blocked all efforts to pass sensible gun legislation that the majority of Americans support. It has used its resources to intimidate any who oppose their agenda. The organization's influence has been disproportionate to its membership because elected officials have allowed it to be so. That has to stop. The NRA kills compromise! Boycott the NRA!