Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stewart Restores Sanity - AGAIN!

Following the tragic events in Tucson, Arizona this past weekend, the airwaves were filled with all kinds of agonized hand-ringing and polarized finger-pointing - culminating in the all encompassing idiocy, "we're all to blame." The most sincere, sane expression of the horror and confusion we all felt, without any of the nonsense, came from Jon Stewart in his opening monologue on the Daily Show, Monday, January 10, 2011. "We can't outsmart crazy." How ironic, that it takes a comedian on a fake news show to get it right!

Who Needs A Glock?

The tragic events in Tucson got me to think about my guns and gun ownership. I own several guns and would fight to protect my ownership thereof. But I don't love or worship my guns as it seems so many NRA folks do. I simply enjoy the activities that the guns are a part of. I also own three freezers that contain the fish and game we harvest. And I love figuring out how to prepare and cook this bounty. Check out the Living Well link under the list of Revenge Links on the lower left-hand side to see pictures of some of our "harvesting" adventures.

However, I do not own a semi-automatic 9 mm Glock. I can't imagine a reason to use one. Seriously, who needs one? What possible legitimate reason can there be for anyone to own or carry or conceal a semi-automatic hand gun or an AK47 or any other automatic weapon? Why do our laws allow such easy access for people to buy these kinds of guns that have absolutely no legitimate use? Near as I can tell, the only thing these automatic weapons are good for is killing a lot of people quickly. We need to get rid of the easy access to these killing machines